11/3/05 Friday

I decided to stay in Zurich for a Friday night to see what it was like. I was going to get a room in a Lonely Planet recommended hotel called Hotel Otter that had themed rooms. The “reception” was upstairs of a pub and the door was closed. I decided to try elsewhere. I also checked out the City Backpackers hostel, and that seemed rather run down, so I headed back to Mathaus where I was the first night. That had free wireless internet (once I figured out how it worked).

10/3/05 Thursday

Got up late. One of my English friends from breakfast had left me a note on the breakfast table wishing me well on my trip. They had managed to implement my plan to get up early and hit the slopes. Today there was a bit of snow in the morning, but it soon cleared up to be a sunny day with blue skies. This doesn’t mean it was warm however. I skiied both sides of Lech and down into Zurs again. This time I could actually see! At one point I was sort of doing to jump from side to side type skiing with your feet together. I tend to have mine apart. I’ll have to read about skiing techniques sometime.